Hypnagogic polish music for teenage mutants, 2017

zdjęcia: Dominika Targosz, Oliwia Thomas
MCHY I PORØSTY "Hypnagogic polish music for teenage mutants" (Recognition SP-01)
"Hypnagogic polish music for teenage mutants" is a debut album of Mchy i Porosty ('mosses and lichens') – a solo project of musician Bartosz Zaskórski. It's released as an art book - every track is accompanied by a drawing made by one of the artists invited to the project.
This album tells stories about getting asleep on the bus, control panels which finally supplanted picture tubes, Polish village which gets haunted by ghosts of drowned cats, teenage urban muitants wearing fashionable gear, and about wall units that one can find in illegal waste dumps in the middle of the forest. Humor is interlaced with terror, terror gets mixed with motor hum on the bus.
Drawings by Aleksandra Waliszewska, Andrzej Tobis, Jakub Woynarowski, Dariusz Vasina, Marek Rachwalik, Mały Kotek, Sylwia Hajdus.